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As an asset-based 3rd party logistics provider, Polar offers the flexibility and array of services to support your supply chain needs. From local shuttles and regional short-hauls to nationwide truckloads and LTL, your freight is handled with the utmost care and sensitivity no matter the size of the shipment.



Access to shipments anywhere, anytime

Our cloud-based Transportation Management System allows imediate access to all your shipments. Automated rating, routing, and tendering frees up time for customer service, tracking and tracing. Customer and ad hoc reporting using up to date, real time data. Full repository of all legal documents for every load can be accessed in seconds.

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Around the clock availability

We are available 24/7 for immediate issue resolution to safeguard your shipments against any potential delays. Daily, we manage the continuous flow of updates to shippers and receivers with real time locations and ETA’s. Exception reporting allows for proactive notifications to all involved parties.

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Optimization and management of shipments

Keeping our finger on the pulse of your shipments allows us to react quickly to change. Real time tracking updates via GPS, automated routing and tendering, full EDI functionality, and transaction sets including 204’s, 210’s, 214’s, and 990’s. Daily data flows of government provided safety ratings and BASIC scores keep your product moving safely and on maintained equipment.

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Services Offered

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Truckload Freight

Local, regional, or national, Polar can handle your truckload freight anywhere in the country. We comply with all customer requirements including seal/security policies, load securement (straps, load bars), appointment procedures, and live load or drop & hook programs.

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Less Than Truck Load

Whether it’s 1 pallet or several, Polar will the determine the appropriate terminal network or consolidation point and calculate the most cost-effective rate and transit time based on origin/destination pair, pallet count, weight, and temp zone (refrigerated, frozen, or dry). We’ll show you the options available and the break-even point between LTL and Truckload so you can upsell to your customers!

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Using a combination of rail service and over the road trucking, intermodal is the best choice for medium to long-haul truckloads moving between major city centers. With competitive transit times, Polar can help realize significant cost savings by switching from over the road movements to intermodal transportation with no reduction in on-time service.

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Through the use of our warehouses, we have an array of services that are available to all of our valued customers including short and long-term warehousing, cross-docking, local and regional redelivery, and a nationwide consolidation program.

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